The Neck, Back and Headache Center

FAQ’s: You ask, we have the answers.

What is Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is the  hands on way to heal your body. We believe the body can heal itself. Our goal is to optimize the nervous system, restore your body, and give you a pain free life.

How does Chiropractic work?

Your nervous system is the most complex part of your body. During your adjustment the chiropractor looks for vertebrae, disc, even the alignment of your spine, that might be harming the quality of your nerve function. Nerves are a necessity in all you do, nerve damage will seriously affect your quality of  life .

What age can you start getting adjustments?

Chiropractors are well trained for adjusting infant and kids. The importance of chiropractic care for children  is unlimited, Scoliosis, muscle imbalances, ADHD, anxiety, sinus infections, growing pains, etc.

My car accident was months ago why does my neck still hurt?

It is difficult to consider that your neck can hurt months after a mild accident, patients that postpone treatment; slow down the process of healing. Stalling a proper adjustment allows the inflammation to build up, muscles learn to perform incorrectly, and your spine rest in a comfortable position not a proper posture.

I’ve heard that cracking your knuckles is bad.  Why is it okay when   you make my neck and back make those sounds?

The sound produced with a chiropractic adjustment is called a cavitation.  It is produced by fluid and gas within the joints by gaping or opening the joints, not by scraping two joint surfaces together like you may be doing when you crack your knuckles.

Does Insurance Plans cover Chiropractic Care?

Yes!! Most health insurance plans include Chiropractic care, even workers comp and medicare. Ask your chiropractor to explain your options and guide you in the most affordable route.You could be receiving an adjustment or massage that health insurance covers the cost instead of out of your pocket.